How To Make Period Come Faster?


Periods mean various things to different individuals, but we agree that they may be inconvenient, inconsistent, and annoyingly irregular. Not only can an irregular period ruin your week, but even a normal period generally comes with its pals: cramps, moodiness, sadness, and other PMS side symptoms that you might not have time to cope with during a particularly busy week.

For all of these reasons, I'm sure you've wished a million times that you knew how to make your period arrive. Sure, menstruation is an important part of being a woman, and it can make you feel amazingly connected to your own body's cycle and fertility — but it can also be stressful to feel like such a large portion of our bodies and life is completely out of our control.

Even if you're not on hormonal birth control, this is a natural method to have more control over when you get your period. Though our cycles are unique to our bodies, they are also influenced by external factors, some of which might cause your period to arrive earlier than expected. This is a natural homemade tea that we can all utilize from time to time, whether we want to cope with our PMS before a major presentation at work or if we're preparing to travel on vacation and don't want to spend the entire trip bent over with cramps in our hotel room.


All the ingredients used in that tea are natural, cheap, and easily available, must try it and also share it with your friends to make periods faster naturally.


  • 1/2.bunch - Parsley or Rosemary
  • 1/2.inch - Ginger
  • 1. glass - Water