How To Remove Kidney Stones Overnight?


"How to remove kidney stones overnight? ", is our today topic of discussion. As the kidney is the most vital organ of the body. Sometimes our little mistakes lead to kidney stones, like dehydration, high intake of salts, junk food like cholates, beans, white bread and etc(contain crystals), and even sometimes stress, becomes the cause of kidney stones. But no need to worry about anything, as it is normal and it does not cause any damage. However, it may cause little blockage to urine to flashing out, which may lead to little pain.
We can remove these kidney stones with the help of a simple remedy that today I am sharing with you here, must try it, as it is totally natural so no need to worry about any side effects. But before going to share this remedy we must know the function of the kidney and the reason behind kidney stones formation.


  • The kidney's main function is to detox and filters impurities from the blood. 
  • The kidney also filters out the waste product through the urine. 


  • kidney form calcium, when it is unable to remove harmful toxins, that lead to kidney stones
  • Sometimes urine lack substance that prevents crystals from combining together to form a stone, which also leads to kidney stones
  • Kidney stones also form when your urine has more crystal making substances like calcium, oxalate, and urine acid. 

Here a lot of different products/medicines are available in markets, in order to remove the kidney stones, but all of such products have chemicals, that have many other side effects on your body. So, avoid all such kind of products. So, try the remedy today I am sharing with you and also share it with your friends to remove the kidney stones. And the good thing about that remedy is, all the ingredient use it are natural, easily available, and cheap. Must try that remedy to remove kidney stones naturally.(SEE How To Reduce Uric Acid Naturally At Home? )




  • 2.tbsp - Olive Oil
Olive oil will help to flush out the kidney stones from the body through urine.
  • 2.tbsp - Honey
Honey helps in dissolving kidney stones, and also help in flushing kidney stones easily out of the body.
  • 1.tbsp - Lemon Juice
Lemon juice has citrate that helps to blind the calcium in order to break down the kidney stones. 
  • - Water


How To Use:

  • First of all, put water in the pan, and slightly heat for 2-3 mins.
  • Then pour it in a cup, squeeze the lemon in it, and add honey and Olive oil in it.
  • Stir well to have a homogeneous solution.
  • Drink this in the morning with an empty stomach, this will flash out all of your kidney stones through urine, try this twice a day and you will be surprised. (ALSO SEE How To Cure Acidity Permanently At Home? )

NOTE: You can drink this, before going bed that will also help in the removal of kidney stones plus boosts your metabolism to lose weight.
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  1. Is this safe to do everyday twice a day?

    1. Hi, Thanks for reaching us!
      In beginning you may just try in the morning, after 2-3 days you can drink twice a day to get maximum benefits.


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