5 best natural antibiotics: Uses, evidence, and effectiveness

 Antibiotics are antimicrobial substances that are effective against microorganisms. Antibiotics are widely utilized in the treatment and prevention of bacterial infections since they are the most common form of antibacterial agent. Bacteria may be killed or inhibited by these substances. 

Today here I will share with you the 5 best natural antibiotics that are using for hundreds of years.




Honey is one of the earliest antibiotics known, dating back to antiquity. Honey was widely utilized by Egyptians as a natural antibacterial and skin protectant.

Honey includes hydrogen peroxide, which may explain some of its antimicrobial properties Trusted Source. It also contains a lot of sugar, which inhibits the growth of some germs.

Furthermore, honey has a low pH value. This works by removing moisture from bacteria, causing them to become dehydrated and die.


Apply honey straight to the wound or affected region to utilize it as an antibiotic. Honey can help destroy bacteria while also aiding in the healing process. If at all feasible, use raw Manuka honey. Honey in this form has the biggest health advantages. Here's where you can get raw Manuka honey.

Honey can also be used internally to help in infection therapy. For a calming treat, simply consume a whole spoonful or swirl it into a warm cup of herbal tea.


Garlic has been known to have antibacterial qualities for a long time. Garlic concentrate was proven to be beneficial against germs. Garlic concentrate or extract can be found at your local health food shop.


By soaking a few garlic bulbs in olive oil, you might be able to manufacture your own.

Garlic concentration can also be used directly to a burn or blemish.

NOTE: Garlic is typically safe to consume, however, excessive amounts might result in internal bleeding. A dose of up to two cloves per day is regarded to be safe. If you're taking a garlic supplement, make sure you follow the manufacturer's instructions for the dose.


Oregano essential oil contains the compound carvacrol. When breathed, it offers vital medicinal characteristics that help the body repair faster. Oregano oil has been shown to aid in the healing of stomach ulcers and the reduction of inflammation.


Add one drop of oregano essential oil to a teaspoon of carrier oil like olive or coconut oil to treat fungal infections on your skin. Mix the ingredients together and apply to the afflicted region.