Rice Water for Hair Growth : How to Use and Benefits

What are the benefits of rice water for hair growth? The major advantages of rice water for hair are that it improves the scalp environment, strengthens the hair cuticle, and increases hair luster. The present study is insufficient to assure us that rice water is ALWAYS a treatment and will 100% aid hair development. Rice water's protein is claimed to be too big to enter the strands, so it just coats them and keeps them from drying out. So it's the 'length retention,' not the growth, that's the issue. The outcomes of ladies with various hair types who used rice water on their hair are, nonetheless, quite eloquent.

Rice water, they claim, has several benefits for hair, including removing dandruff, strengthening the strands, stimulating their development, providing vitality, and considerably improving their appearance. Because rice water contains antioxidants, it aids in the removal of toxins that may collect on the scalp, avoiding premature alopecia and gray hair. Shine, increased volume, smoothness, and quicker detangling of the strands are all benefits of rice water for women's hair. One of the biggest advantages of utilizing rice water for hair is that it is perhaps the most cost-effective hair-care treatment that actually works.



  • 1.cup - Rice
  • 2-3. glass - Water


  • Pour the rice and water into a glass container, seal it, and keep it in a dark, room-temperature spot for 12-24 hours (not more than 2 days)
  • Before using, strain the rice water into a clean dish.
  •  Pour a little amount of your rice water rinse over your scalp and hair, let for at least 5-10 minutes (preferably for 20-30), rinse, and proceed with your regular hair care regimen.

TIP: After using your usual shampoo and conditioner, use rice water.